For the in-universe game, see Death Zone .

The Game of Rassilon is a fun way to target your editing. It is a game which awards points and badges for completing various editing tasks. You can see how well you're doing against other users by going to Special:Leaderboard.

The game is governed by the Game of Rassilon rules.

Technical tips[edit source]

If you care about maximising your point totals, you should pay attention to the following discoveries:

  • The general editing track — that is, the one that receives badges which display simple numbers — only counts editing in namespace 0. That is to say, your counter only advances when you edit a normal article. You don't get points for editing a Category, Talk, Forum or any other kind of page.
  • The picture editing track is very finicky. It only rewards you for adding a picture which is already uploaded. If you create a redlink on a page, click on the redlink, and then upload your picture — you get no points for it.

Wikia's help file[edit source]

The default Wikia help file for this game can be found at by clicking here.

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