Hello Sailor! was a documentary that examined the filming of the Doctor Who television story The Sea Devils and the involvement of the Royal Navy. It was narrated by David Cann. The documentary was included in the DVD release of the The Sea Devils which was a part of the Beneath the Surface box set.

Interviews[edit | edit source]

Terrance Dicks and producer Barry Letts, discussed the inspiration for the story, which came from Doctor Who and the Silurians and the involvement of the Master in the story. Director Michael E. Briant discussed the direction of the story, the design of the Sea Devils and the inspiration for the design. Both Letts and Briant discussed Roger Delgado and his fear of water.

Stuntman Stuart Fell discussed his involvement as both a Sea Devil and doubling for Katy Manning. Fell also talked about the Sea Devils coming out the water and the difficulties the stuntmen had while waiting for film the scenes.

Former sailors, who were stationed at the Fraser Gunnery Range where most of the filming took place, discussed when Doctor Who was filming at the Range. Former First Lieutenant David de Vere talked about looking after the cast and crew of Doctor Who. Other former personnel from the Gunnery Range talked about the cast and crew and how they took the time to get know the personnel. Digby Coventry discussed the filming of the story at Norris castle. He also told a story regarding Jon Pertwee and cookery books.

Actress Katy Manning discussed various events that happened during the filming of the story, regarding the Royal Navy and the sailors. Actor Donald Sumpter discussed reacting toward the Sea Devils.

Excerpts[edit | edit source]

The documentary used scenes from the stories below; the highlighted events that were mentioned by the interviewees.

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