Professor Hellenica Monroe was the wife of Alexhendri Lassiter, and devout follower of the Lazarus Intent. The marriage did not last, and the separation was bitter.

She believed Lassiter was deliberately hampering his time travel experiments so they could not be used to fulfil the Intent. To find out more, she went undercover as Diva, and became the consort of Maximillian Arrestis.

Eventually, Arrestis revealed that he was Lazarus, and that Lassiter had been the one to fulfil the Intent. Ready to expand his power base, he told Monroe to send him to Hexdane via time gate so he could reveal his identity and take over the Intent. Instead, she changed the coordinates to return him to Sontar a moment after Lassiter had extracted him. Monroe then reconciled with Lassiter. (PROSE: The Crystal Bucephalus)

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