Lord Hellcombe was an industrialist in France during the First World War and a companion of the Eleventh Doctor.

His son Ralph was shot down and a Dalek came to him with his "wounded" son. It used the last of its failing advanced technology to save Ralph. The Dalek asked Hellcombe to make Proto-Daleks to win the war. Unknown to the industrialist, the Daleks made Ralph in a robotic body as part of the Dalek Project. He presented one of the British Proto-Dalek to his visitors. The robot tried to kill the Doctor and Edward Anderson. Hellcombe and Ralph followed them and saw more Daleks. He realised the Dalek he met lied to him and his son took him to the Dalek Saucer. The Doctor and Mary Carter freed him and Anderson and went to the Hellcombe Hall to stop the factories manufacturing the Proto-Daleks. But unfortunately, the Dalek portal brought to a German factory of Erik Graul. They escaped in a submarine. He was shot by Ralph, but the bullet missed his heart and lungs. Hellcombe sacrificed himself to destroy the German factory. (COMIC: The Dalek Project)

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