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Doctor Heinrich Tulp was a mysterious figure who wandered the streets of London. He was from the Netherlands.

Tulp met soldiers who explained that their captain had turned wild and was killing people. He told them to feed him raw meat and gave them a mysterious potion. He said that it would make the captain better, but it did not. (AUDIO: The Bloodless Soldier)

Tulp organised the Far-Off Travellers Club, which he used to take the members' estates. During a meeting, Henry Gordon Jago was interviewed by Tulp about how much he knew about Clive Colville and how he had returned from the grave. Tulp claimed that he knew Jago and Professor Litefoot very well. (AUDIO: The Bellova Devil)

Toby mentioned there being a second medium in addition to Mrs Vanguard. This was Doctor Tulp. (AUDIO: The Spirit Trap)

Tulp created a wooden mannequin double of Henry Gordon Jago, which he controlled using sophisticated machinery he had devised from dreams he'd had of the future. He called the building "the similarity engine". He was also gathering a mysterious black ore, which he had heard would be called uranium in the future, which he used to gain energy. Creating this machine and taking away all the uranium, he believed that he could be all powerful. He also claimed to have a means of extending his lifespan.

He refused to remove his gloves at one point because of what was concealed beneath. While picturing the future, he was possessed by a creature and he was slowly transforming. After removing his gloves, the transformation rapidly developed until he turned into a giant monster. Jago and Litefoot were forced to kill it. (AUDIO: The Similarity Engine)

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