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Heddi-Joy Taylor-Welch (variously credited in Doctor Who credits as Heddi Joy Taylor and Heddi Joy Taylor Welch, but in other credits also as Heddi-Joy Taylor) was a runner, 2nd assistant director and 3rd assistant director for the BBC Wales version of Doctor Who.

Prior to her work on Doctor Who, she had been the 3rd AD throughout the first series of the Nickelodeon sitcom, Genie in the House. She moved to Doctor Who during its third series, where she took a nominal demotion to become a runner. Over the course of David Tennant's final two series, she was credited as all three kinds of runner used by BBC Wales: simple runner, production runner and floor runner. By The Next Doctor, she had been promoted to 3rd assistant director, but was not credited in any of the other 2009 Specials. During 2009 she was instead the 3rd AD on Lark Rise to Candleford with Sarah Lancashire and Julia Sawalha. She then returned to the position of 3rd AD at the beginning of Matt Smith's first series.

She was featured on All About the Girl, the episode of Doctor Who Confidential which accompanied The Beast Below.

She also appeared as herself in The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot.

Her name is a cause for some confusion as it has been variously hyphenated throughout her career. The most correct version is apparently the one given in her lower third on Confidential: Heddi-Joy Taylor-Welch. However, Doctor Who never offered her any sort of hyphenation, either before or after her marriage, until Victory of the Daleks. She has, however, been consistently styled as "Heddi-Joy" on other productions.


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