Hebrew was an Earth language, the tongue of the Jews. (PROSE: Asylum) It was the language in which the Gospel of Mark was originally written. (PROSE: Byzantium!) Bernice Summerfield was fluent in Hebrew. (PROSE: Just War, Twilight of the Gods) Sam Jones, on the other hand, when without the TARDIS's aid, could not speak Hebrew, Arabic or Yiddish. (PROSE: Seeing I) Ascaris claimed in a letter that the only reason he was rejected priesthood was because he couldn't handle the Hebrew. (PROSE: The Romans)

Salem Village's name came from the Hebrew world shalom, which meant peace. (PROSE: The Witch Hunters) Yud Kay Vay Kay — or, in Roman letters, J H W H — was the Judaic name for God. (PROSE: Asylum, Life During Wartime) Abiathar, as the Zoot noted to Jacob Abiathar Earl-Thornton, meant Father of Abundance. (PROSE: Earth) Beelzebub's etymology was Hebrew: ba'al zebub literally meant lord of the flies. (PROSE: Casualties of War) Emet meant truth. (PROSE: Life from Lifelessness) The Hebrew word for wind was "Rua'h". (AUDIO: The Sleeping Blood)

1920 equated to 5681 in the Hebrew calendar. (AUDIO: The Mouthless Dead)

By the 27th century, over 50 percent of the average human population had names derived from either "ancient Earth Hebrew" or Indo-European roots. (PROSE: The Glass Prison)

Behind the scenes Edit

Several settings in the Doctor Who universe come from Hebrew words. They include, but are not limited to:

The lyrics in Murray Gold's Dalek leitmotifs are often in Hebrew:

  • The song, "The Daleks" contains lyrics in Hebrew slang. The chanting lyrics are; "Oh, mah koreh?" meaning "Oh, what is happening?", "Ole sutla" meaning "Ascending higher" and "Koreh gever" meaning "What's up man?".
  • The song, "Evolution of the Daleks" contains similar Hebrew lyrics to the above, with the main line being "Dalek Sec, oh mah koreh?", evidently translating to "Dalek Sec, oh what is happening?".
  • The song, "The Dark and Endless Dalek Night" also contains similar Hebrew lyrics like the above songs, though the opening line, "Cum tacent, clament" meaning "Whilst silent, they are screaming", is in fact Latin, and is a lyric also found in Song of Freedom.
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