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Dr Hebe Harrison was a companion of the Sixth Doctor.


Early life[]

Hebe required the use of a wheelchair from a young age due to a problem with her legs. She watched The Little Mermaid in the cinema and shouted when Ariel left the sea to become human, believing that life under the sea was far more beautiful and interesting.

Studying at Sheffield Hallam University, Hebe befriended Evelyn Smythe, who told her to make use of emergency packages containing chocolate cake and also gave her a button for her mobile phone to use when she was in trouble; unbeknownst to Hebe, the button could send an SOS to the TARDIS. She became a marine biologist and earnt a doctorate, although she rarely used the title it afforded her. (AUDIO: The Rotting Deep)

Travels in the TARDIS[]

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Hebe went to a rig in the North Sea to determine its effect on nearby sea life and decide whether it should be dismantled. When those aboard began dying, she was separated from the others due to the lift being out of service and pressed the button that Evelyn gave her. She soon met the Sixth Doctor and Melanie Bush and, after learning that the phenomena was because of the contaminated water supply, she joined the TARDIS crew at her request. (AUDIO: The Rotting Deep)

The Doctor took Hebe and Mel to the Moon at a time when water was abundant. There, Hebe was attracted to Wulk and fascinated by the Gilleans, later learning that the Gilleans were connected to the Sheega and helping them leave in their ship. (AUDIO: The Tides of the Moon)

Psychological profile[]


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Relationship with the Doctor[]

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Hebe relied on a wheelchair to assist in her mobility. (AUDIO: The Rotting Deep)

Behind the scenes[]

Hebe was the first companion to require the use of a wheelchair.[1]