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Heather McCrimmon was an early 21st century history student who was a descendant of Jamie McCrimmon. Heather accompanied the Tenth Doctor in his journeys through time and space; for a portion of their time together Heather and the Doctor were joined by Wolfgang Ryter.


Early life[]

Heather was born in 1990. (COMIC: The Chromosome Connection)

When she was eight, Heather was a fan of Unattended Article. She saw them on television but never live. (COMIC: We Will Rock You)

When Heather received her driving license, her dad took her to his company's car park to learn to drive. (COMIC: The Secret Army)

Heather was present at the wedding of her cousin and thought it was a disaster. (COMIC: The Ball and Chain Gang)

Heather worked in a supermarket as a summer job. (COMIC: Store Wars)

Heather once went potholing with some college friends. (COMIC: The Abomination Game)

By 2009, Heather was studying history at the University of Edinburgh. (COMIC: The Chromosome Connection)

Meeting the Doctor[]

In 2009, (COMIC: The Chromosome Connection) on a day when she had free periods all afternoon, (COMIC: Dead-line) Heather visited the Edinburgh Catacomb Experience with her best friends Suze and Rob. In the Edinburgh catacombs, Heather became separated from her friends after she witnessed a temporal echo of Great-Great-Great Grandmother McCrimmon being chased by the Mozhtratta. The Tenth Doctor found Heather shortly afterwards and explained what she had witnessed. Using his sonic screwdriver, the Doctor determined that Heather had traces of both vortex energy and the Mozhtratta in her DNA.

Heather with the Tenth Doctor in 1815 Edinburgh. (COMIC: The Chromosome Connection)

The Doctor determined that he needed Heather's help to deal with the Mozhtratta and took her to the Edinburgh High Street in 1815. There, Heather used the trace of the Mozhtratta in her DNA to weaken the Mozhtratta of this era while the Doctor helped Heather's ancestor overcome the Mozhtratta.

Through this short adventure, Heather saw the potential benefits of travelling in the TARDIS with the Doctor and asked if she could travel with him. The Doctor said yes, saying that for a history student travelling with him would be an "extended field trip". (COMIC: The Chromosome Connection)

Early travels with the Doctor[]

Heather and the Doctor swim through the underwater London. (COMIC: The Aquarius Condition)

One of the first locations Heather visited with the Doctor was London in an era when the Galactic Council had jurisdiction over Earth. The Doctor landed the TARDIS in the English Channel, so he and Heather had to put on diving suits to exit the ship. Through a bit of exploration, they discovered that London - and the rest of Earth - had been flooded by the Spaeron shoal. They met the Spaeron in the House of Commons and learned that Harris was planning on wiping out all of the Spaeron. After a bit of negotiation, the Doctor and Heather took the Spaeron away from Earth using the TARDIS and gave them a new home on Kerun Za (COMIC: The Aquarius Condition) in the 29th Galaxy. (COMIC: Sea-Rah)

Heather and the Doctor visited Podworld and discovered that thousands of the planet's human residents had been living malnourished lives for 20 years without the assistance of their Servobots. They journeyed to Podworld's mayor, Maya De La Grotzka, and convinced her to help the starving residents of Podworld. (COMIC: Glum Culture)

Heather got the Doctor to drop her off at her house in 2009 so that she could grab some more clothing to wear during their travels. After encountering her mother, Heather returned to the Doctor, who was uncovering a plot by the Cran to steal Earth's rain clouds. Heather and the Doctor boarded the CranShip and disarmed the Cran by channelling lightning from the clouds they were stealing. They then brought the Cran to the Shadow Proclamation.

In direct response to having an adventure involving a rainy day, (COMIC: The Great Rain Robbery) the Doctor took Heather to see the four suns of Delquis. However, they found that Delquis was being attacked by the fiery birds of Parrion. Heather and the Doctor visited both the Shell Judge of Delquis and the Parrian Prince. Upon learning that the Parrian Prince intended the birds to be a romantic gesture, the Doctor and Heather helped repair the damage the birds had done to the Prince's relationship with the Shell Judge by getting the Prince to make the birds repair all the damage they had done to Delquis. (COMIC: The Parrian Proposal)

Heather and the Doctor were drawn to Machu Picchu in 1911 when Incasaurs attempted to escape from a parallel universe to N-Space through a temporal cataclysm. They worked together to make a neutron loop in Machu Picchu to clean up the temporal cataclysm, but at the last minute, the loop was disturbed by Hiram Bingham. With the loop broken, the Incasaur empire came through to the prime universe. Heather and the Doctor were captured by the Incasaurs. History was put back on track when the prime Hiram Bingham touched hands with an alternate Hiram Bingham from the Incasaur universe, causing a massive temporal discharge. (COMIC: Hitching Point)

Heather, the Doctor, and Lenid Strimmer observe Earth from a window of the Waltox Worldstore. (COMIC: Store Wars)

The Doctor took Heather to the Waltox Worldstore to purchase some zongaberry jam, only to find that the computerised facilities of the supermarket believed Earth to be a competitor and were threatening to destroy it. Heather used her experience working at a supermarket to distract the robots running the Worldstore so that the Doctor could get to the computer room and alter the computer's behaviour. (COMIC: Store Wars)

Heather watches the Doctor repair the damaged U-Boat. (COMIC: The Submariners)

Heather and the Doctor landed in a sinking IXD2 U-Boat on 14 September 1944, during the Battle of the Atlantic. Krigge suspected them of being British spies, but the Doctor was able to gain the trust of Captain Otto Lehman. The Doctor wanted to save the crew of the U-Boat, but Heather was reluctant because they were Nazis. The Doctor was able to convince her otherwise by arguing that the crew had just as much a right to live as any other humans and that even after repairing the U-Boat's damage it was highly unlikely that the U-Boat would be able to rejoin with German forces. Heather and the Doctor left the U-Boat after the leak was fixed, leaving it to be captured by the HMS Worthy. (COMIC: The Submariners)

The TARDIS duo visited Broadway in 2018 to see Wayne Rooney's musical adaptation of Bleak House. After the show, they noticed some members of the NYPD being possessed by agents of the Gavulav. The Doctor and Heather followed these agents to Wall Street and found that the Gavulav was trying to steal all of Earth's money with the Liquidation Worm. Heather disguised herself in a hard hat and bright yellow coat and distracted the Gavulav while the Doctor used a computer virus to take down the Worm and block the Gavulav's mind control. The Gavulav was then defeated by all the people it had possessed. (COMIC: The Greed of Gavulav)

Heather is almost eaten by a creature. (COMIC: The Secret Army)

While parked in the Empty Nebula, the TARDIS was attacked by large green tentacled creatures and the Doctor was rendered unconscious. Heather left the TARDIS and attempted to negotiate with the creatures, but they thought she was a spy and they tried to eat her. The Doctor woke up in the nick of time and used the TARDIS' dimensional control to rescue Heather and prevent the creatures from attacking the Empire of Whap. (COMIC: The Secret Army)

The Doctor took Heather to Flexella to meet Professor Vexor. While there, they took the Silver Bullet through the Fluxos Desert. The train ride contained several alien experiences for Heather: she encountered ZX29, tried Nebuloid mud-clam chowder, and had a misunderstanding with a Flexellan octopod. (COMIC: The Silver Bullet)

Heather becomes invisible. (COMIC: The Invisibles)

While visiting Mohaga, Heather caught a retro-photonic virus which made her invisible. The Doctor took her to InFECT, where she was examined by Aldrin Strykt. Strykt determined that the virus was draining Heather's energy. The Doctor quickly recovered a cure for the virus from the Mohagan Horde; while he was gone Heather contaminated the entire staff of InFECT, turning them all invisible. The Doctor returned with the cure and made everyone visible again. (COMIC: The Invisibles)

Heather and the Doctor landed in an old people's home in space when it was under attack by Meerkat and Crab pirates and witnessed the elderly inhabitants of the home defeat the pirates. (COMIC: Good Old Days)

Heather and the Doctor went climbing on the Mountain of Death on a planet home to the Abomination Game. They journeyed inside the mountain and got past numerous deadly traps - some of which involved lava, robot guardians, and sharpened wooden sticks - to reach the vault of treasure at the mountain's centre. In the vault, they found a computer which controlled the Abomination Game and shut it down so that nobody else could be killed by the Game. (COMIC: The Abomination Game)

The TARDIS brought Heather and the Doctor to Tranquility when the planet was being torn apart by a doomsday weapon from its prehistory. They met a group of the Bereft and helped them reach a safe zone. A Tactical Response and Offensive Leveller almost prevented the Bereft from crossing a light bridge to reach the safe zone, but Heather and the Doctor boarded it and took control. They piloted the T.R.O.L. to an ancient bunker at the core of Tranquility, where they learned why the planet was being torn apart and reset the planet's defence shield. (COMIC: T.R.O.L.)

Heather and the Doctor help throw manganese ore at a Rutan Octopod. (COMIC: Cyclops)

Heather and the Doctor landed on the USS Cyclops while it was sailing into the Bermuda Triangle in 1918. Heather rescued the Doctor after he was found by Worley and locked in the hull of the ship. When the Cyclops entered the Triangle, it was attacked by a Rutan Octopod. Heather helped the crew fend off the Octopod by throwing manganese ore at it. While they did save the ship from the Octopod, the Doctor and Heather knew that the Cyclops was fated to disappear during its voyage through the Triangle; they left the ship so as to not interfere with history. (COMIC: Cyclops)

The Doctor tried to take Heather to the grand reopening of the Crystal Palace on 10 June 1854, but he accidentally took her to the Palace on the day it burned down: (COMIC: The Crystal Palace) 30 November 1936. (COMIC: The Eagle of the Reich, PROSE: Tomorrow's Fish and Chips) Heather and the Doctor walked in on negotiations between General Stoker and the Dominion Sisterhood. The Sisterhood had convinced Stoker to use military resources to build an Atomic Event Extender in the Palace. Stoker believed the Extender to be a weapon which could be used in global warfare, but it was actually designed to free Victumas from the Antimatter Realm. Heather witnessed Victumas manifest herself in the Palace through the Extender. The Doctor defeated Victumas at the cost of causing the Palace to go down in flames. (COMIC: The Crystal Palace)

While sightseeing at the tomb of Ashgar on Kroul, Heather and the Doctor encountered the benevolent spirit of Ashgar. (COMIC: The Spirit of Ashgar)

Heather pretends to be a monster on Monster Idol. (COMIC: Monster Idol)

The Doctor and Heather were drawn to the Monster Idol auditions on Space Station Apple Theta. While the Doctor joined the show's panel of judges, Heather went behind the scenes and investigated the dressing rooms. She got inside the room of the King and Queen of Meritoria and discovered the real King and Queen lying unconscious. Realising that the "King" and "Queen" on the panel of judges were impostors, Heather pulled her jumper over her head and held a plunger to make herself look like a monster to get onto Monster Idol. Once in front of the judges, Heather revealed herself and told the Doctor what she had found. Heather then tackled the impostor King and Queen, keeping them in place until law enforcers arrived. (COMIC: Monster Idol)

Following a signal to Earth in 1969, Heather and the Doctor found a stray Slakken Cat being hunted by the Hunter. After the Doctor proved to the Hunter that Slakken Cats were not dangerous, Heather and the Doctor travelled to Slakken with the Hunter and the Cat and freed all the Slakken Cats. (COMIC: The Slakken Cat)

Heather and the Doctor responded to a distress signal from G-DELTA17 and encountered ByteMites. (COMIC: Code Freeze)

The day after they encountered a Slitheen on the Gherkin, the Doctor told Heather that he had lost his sonic screwdriver. Returning to London to try to find it, Heather and the Doctor found that the city was in a bubble of silence caused by a cancellation wave from the screwdriver. Heather saved a little boy from being hit by a truck he couldn't hear. She joined the Doctor in Agnes Hardcastle's flat at Jubilee Court after the Doctor found the screwdriver there and had gotten Agnes to turn off the cancellation wave. Agnes handed the screwdriver over to Heather. (COMIC: Hear No Evil)

Heather and the Doctor are surrounded by giant vicious chicks. (COMIC: Terror in the TARDIS)

When the interior of the TARDIS was warped by a time sickness, Heather and the Doctor were chased through the rooms of the TARDIS by three vicious gigantic chicks. Heather and the Doctor made it to the TARDIS control room, where the Doctor cured the time sickness with his sonic screwdriver. (COMIC: Terror in the TARDIS)

Heather got the Doctor to take her back to the University of Edinburgh so that she could attend the Summer Ball. However, the ball was interrupted by a Gumpii attempting to conquer Earth with a group of Kulgaris under her control. The Doctor defeated the Gumpii and made the Kulgaris explode, covering Heather in their purple innards. (COMIC: The Ball and Chain Gang)

Heather glows with catalytic atomic residue. (COMIC: The Memory Collective)

Heather was brought to Uriel along with the Doctor and the TARDIS when the planet was pulled together by a memory collective. Because Heather had never been to Uriel before, she became covered in catalytic atomic residue. The glowing residue guided Heather to the memory collective and allowed her to turn it off, preventing everyone that had ever visited Uriel from being dragged back to the planet. (COMIC: The Memory Collective)

With the help of the private detective Jake Krumb, Heather and the Doctor tracked down a Blue Star bomb in 1938 Los Angeles. They found the bomb inside Esmerelda Krumb, Jake's mother. (COMIC: The Blue Star Bomb)

Adventures with Wolfie[]

Wolfgang Ryter joins Heather and the Doctor. (COMIC: Flight of the Giurgeax)

While using a bassophone to trace the sub-woofer warble of a Giurgeax at an Earth airport, Heather and the Doctor caught the attention of a young alien conspiracist named Wolfgang Ryter. Heather and the Doctor were almost consumed by the Giurgeax, but they were saved by Wolfie. As Wolfie had missed his flight back to Salzburg because of the rescue, Heather asked the Doctor to invite him to travel in the TARDIS with them. (COMIC: Flight of the Giurgeax)

For Wolfie's first trip in the TARDIS, the Doctor took them to a Stario Glowvit performance. During the performance, it was found out that the Stario on stage was a robot and that the real Stario was disguised in the crowd. (COMIC: Starstruck)

Heather, the Doctor, and Wolfie visited Edinburgh University; in Heather's personal timeline it had been many months since she was last there. They found the whole campus addicted to the Tesseract. Heather tried to talk to her friends Rob and Suze but found that they were too focused on their Tesseracts. The TARDIS trio found that the Bacothormeon was responsible for the Tesseracts. The Bacothormeon's intelligence was drained by the Doctor. After meeting up with UNIT, the Doctor, Heather, and Wolfie took the Bacothormeon to its home planet. (COMIC: The Genius Trap)

During an afternoon at a beach, Heather left the Doctor and Wolfie to get some ice cream from an ice cream van. While she was gone, the Octron began their invasion of Earth by the water. The Octron caused a dangerous sandstorm which reached the ice cream van; Heather helped people get into the van to escape the storm. She then directed the ice cream van down to the beach, where she found the Doctor. The Doctor used the ice cream making technology in the van to defeat the Octron. (COMIC: The Rising Tide)

Wolfgang catches Heather as she falls asleep. (COMIC: Sweet Dreams)

The Doctor took Heather and Wolfie to the mysterious Lurbos 3, where they found a field of sleeping explorers. Heather was bitten by the same Dream Sucker which had attacked the other explorers, putting her into a deep sleep. The Doctor and Wolfie dealt with the Sucker while she slept, and Heather woke up with the rest of the victims. (COMIC: Sweet Dreams)

On Yellan, Heather was sucked up by a tentacled creature which created inferior duplicates of her. The Doctor and Wolfie easily saw that the duplicates weren't Heather because they did not have functioning brains. The Doctor dived into the mouth of the creature and found Heather. Together, they swam to the TARDIS - which had also been eaten - and used it to travel outside the creature to where Wolfie was. (COMIC: Copycat)

The TARDIS trio visited Carnaby Street in 1967. Heather used this as an opportunity to shop for miniskirts. However, the shopping spree was interrupted when the Vaipid covered Earth in a shroud of misery-inducing gas. Heather, Wolfie, and the Doctor used the TARDIS to get to the Vaipid ship above Earth and get them to stop. (COMIC: Shadow of the Vaipid)

"Big Jock McCrimmon" and "the Wolfman" in the base of the Sidewinder Syndicate. (COMIC: Snakes Alive!)

Heather, Wolfie, and the Doctor visited the base of the 1920s American gangster Fat Eddie, where they saw that Eddie and his men were in a turf war with the Sidewinder Syndicate. Heather, disguised in a trenchcoat, sunglasses, and fedora, took on the alias "Big Jock McCrimmon" in order to distract the Syndicate with Wolfie, who was similarly disguised. Heather and Wolfie came to the front entrance of J. Python Snake Oil Sales, the base of the Syndicate, and attracted the attention of the Syndicate while the Doctor came in through the building's back door and fixed the Syndicate's navi-pod. Now having a working spaceship, the Syndicate fled Earth after a short conversation with the Doctor. (COMIC: Snakes Alive!)

Heather, the Doctor, and Wolfie met Bigfoot and discovered that it was a Blivariox lost on the way to its wedding. They got Bigfoot to the hyper-church on time. (COMIC: Lucky Heather)

When the TARDIS landed on McKendrick's scavenger ship orbiting Adamas, Heather and Wolfie split up from the Doctor to explore. They found a box of anti-gravity yoyos and an Adamasian in stasis. The Adamasian broke out and chased Heather and Wolfie to where the Doctor and McKendrick were. The Doctor lured the Adamasian to an airlock and got it to be sucked out of the ship. The airlock wasn't closed fast enough and the Doctor was also expelled from the ship. Heather and Wolfie got McKendrick to save the Doctor with a tractor beam by threatening to break McKendrick's salvaged items. (COMIC: The Sparkling Planet)

Trying to get Wolfie to Salzburg, the TARDIS trio arrived in a medieval European forest home to a cyborb slave. The Doctor used his screwdriver to make the cyborb friendly. Learning that the cyborb was working for Vladula of Castle Wraith, a plan was concocted to get inside Castle Wraith by having Heather pretend to be the cyborb's prisoner. The cyborb brought Heather inside the castle on its shoulder and placed her before Vladula. Very shortly afterwards, the cyborb rebelled against Vladula and Heather got out of the building to avoid the conflict. After Vladula fled, Heather, the Doctor, and Wolfie watched as the cyborb became friends with a group of local villagers. (COMIC: The Curse of Vladula)

Heather, the Doctor, and Wolfie visited the Whirling Wormhole of Wolverhampton in 1457. (COMIC: Lucky Heather)

The Doctor discovers Heather and Wolfie trapped in a photo. (COMIC: Photo Finish)

The Doctor took Heather and Wolfie to the home of the Brunswick family in 1880 London, but the Brunswicks had been trapped in a photo and replaced by energy creatures from the Scree Dimension. While the Doctor wasn't looking, the creatures did the same to Heather and Wolfie. The Doctor dealt with the creatures and freed Heather, Wolfie, and the Brunswicks. (COMIC: Photo Finish)

Heather, the Doctor, and Wolfie spent a night in 21st century London tracking down a Gruutis. After finding the Gruutis, Heather suggested that they visit her aunt Jen before returning to the TARDIS. On the train ride to Jen's place, Heather and the Doctor noticed that everyone else on the train - Wolfgang included - was in a mindless trance. Heather and the Doctor went into the next carriage and found that a scientist was harnessing the electrical brain impulses of the passengers into limitless energy to power the train, making it go faster than the speed of light. The Doctor knew that a train breaking the light barrier within Earth's gravity well would be catastrophic, so he stopped the experiment. (COMIC: Brain Train)

After the Doctor lost his shoes on a volcano planet, the TARDIS trio went to a store on Earth to get new ones. However, all the shoes at the store were robot shoes planted there by the Rhastis. When the Doctor started being controlled by his shoes, Heather used setting 1042 of the sonic screwdriver to deactivate the shoes. The Doctor, Heather, and Wolfie then went to the shopping centre's security room and used the machinery to block the Rhastis signal. The Doctor negotiated with the Rhastis and convinced them to leave Earth. (COMIC: Foot Soldiers)

Heather helps Wolfgang overcome Lychaos. (COMIC: Bad Wolfie)

Heather, the Doctor, and Wolfie visited Angkor Wat during its construction in 1135. The Doctor and Heather wanted to go back to the TARDIS to hop forward a few decades and see the finished Angkor Wat, but Wolfie was attracted to an Aztlan Bio-casket and possessed by Lychaos. After the Doctor failed to save Wolfie, Heather approached Lychaos and helped Wolfie overcome the possession by asking Lychaos to remember all the fun he had travelling in the TARDIS. Wolfie returned to normal, but he was traumatised by the incident.

Heather and the Doctor dropped Wolfie off at his home in Salzburg. Heather wiped a tear from her eye as she and the Doctor walked into the TARDIS to leave. (COMIC: Bad Wolfie)

Further adventures with the Doctor[]

Heather and the Doctor visited Luminous when it was being invaded by creatures that fed on solar energy. The Doctor increased the lighting levels of the TARDIS console room in order to attract all the creatures to the TARDIS. Heather and the Doctor then deposited the creatures at a star. (COMIC: City of Light)

A trip to Edinburgh in 2009 took an extraterrestrial turn when all of Earth was covered in a terrainographical projection. Instead of visiting her friends Rob and Suze, Heather came with the Doctor to the Murcher Moon. Heather and the Doctor met the Murchalagos and helped them use their projection technology to fend off the Seebees. (COMIC: The Guardian of Murcher)

The Doctor took Heather to Hirnaltaan Tower, the tallest building in the galaxy, on the day of its grand opening. When the party was attacked by Acrylamide Assassins, Heather and the Doctor followed the assassins to Vawn and Blubb. The Doctor deduced that Blubb had hired the assassins to attack the party and damage the structure of the tower. The assassins escaped, but Blubb was arrested by the Judoon. (COMIC: Night of the Burnt Toast)

Heather and the Doctor followed a distress signal to the Nurburr Asteroid and found that Watnul, the asteroid's sole inhabitant, had been hearing what he thought to be a ghost. They discovered that Watnul had been hearing a robot which had built itself using materials in the asteroid. (COMIC: The Ghost Factory)

The Doctor visits the window of Heather's cell using a personal gravity converter. (COMIC: Skydive!)

On Sky City in the 453rd century, Heather was mistakenly arrested for being an associate of the Anti-Antigravity Activists and kept in a cell in Detention Area 51. The Doctor met up with the AAA and negotiated an understanding between them and Sky City. Heather was freed with the other suspected activists. (COMIC: Skydive!)

Heather and the Doctor became stranded in a European forest in an era when highwaymen were common. They witnessed Lady Harrington-Fletcher being robbed by a robot disguised as a highwayman. The Doctor reprogrammed the robot and it led them to its owner, a Cyrronak. Heather, the Doctor, and Lady H distracted a local mob from attacking the Cyrronak ship as it booted up and escaped Earth. (COMIC: Highway Robbery)

Heather is wrapped in web by living spider-silk. (COMIC: Doomsilk)

While the TARDIS was drifting through space, Heather noticed a small white planet and asked the Doctor to pilot the TARDIS to it. They found that the planet was covered in the living silk of a large spider. Duplicates of the Doctor and Heather formed from the silk and attempted to wrap the Doctor and Heather in web. Heather and the Doctor were able to escape by covering themselves in the slime that the silk worshipped. (COMIC: Doomsilk)

The Doctor took Heather to a planet in the 208th century to visit "a fantastic museum". While they were at the museum, the TARDIS was stolen by Ronnu Thanjess and put into his used spaceship yard. By the time Heather and the Doctor got to the yard, the TARDIS had been bought by Ludo Farltrati. Knowing that Farltrati wouldn't be able to get the TARDIS to work, Heather and the Doctor disguised themselves as mechanics and went to Farltrati's warehouse to "fix" the ship. When Farltrati and Thanjess came into the TARDIS to see how the "repairs" were going, the Doctor dematerialised the ship to a local prison where both Thanjess and Farltrati were arrested.

Directly after leaving the prison, (COMIC: One Careful Owner) Heather and the Doctor went to Hyde Park in Heather's near future. London was being attacked by Gardenizens at the time and Heather was separated from the Doctor. She found safety with a group of civilians while the Doctor found his way to the Gardenizen command centre and stopped the attacks entirely. (COMIC: The Garden Rebellion)

Preparing for Christmas with her family, Heather got the Doctor to take her to a forest in 1965 Norway to get a Christmas tree. They found that Capranom were eating all the trees in the forest. The Doctor saved the forest by herding all the Capranom into a fenced area with a plastic Christmas tree. As thanks, Heather and the Doctor were given a real tree to use for Christmas. (COMIC: The Goats of Christmas Past)

Heather celebrates Christmas with her family. (COMIC: A Merry Little Christmas)

Heather went to Granny McCrimmon's house in Stillmuir with the tree. During the Christmas celebrations, the entire village of Stillmuir was shrunk and put into a giant snowglobe by Selby and Kernow. Heather, Alex, and Steven noticed Selby and Kernow and followed them to the edge of the snowglobe. Because they were in the village when it was shrunk, Heather and her relatives were tiny when they came out of the globe. Heather, Steven, and Alex went back into the globe before the Doctor returned Stillmuir to Earth. Heather then continued spending Christmas with her family. (COMIC: A Merry Little Christmas)

Heather and the Doctor went to Cardiff's Millennium Stadium in 2000 to attend the final performance of Unattended Article. However, they found that Unattended Article's support act, The Mondegreens, were a group of aliens planning to use a phonic boom to turn all the people in the audience into statues. Heather and the Doctor crowd surfed to the stadium's sound control tower. Using the technology in the tower, the Doctor reversed the phonic boom, turning the Mondegreens into stone so that they could be collected by the Shadow Proclamation. Afterwards, Heather got to see Unattended Article live on stage. (COMIC: We Will Rock You)

While exploring Jelsen, Heather and the Doctor were captured by the Lords of Jelsen and forced to race to the death against Jossi and Karter. The Doctor was able to make the spaceship he and Heather were in cross the finish line at the exact moment as Jossi and Karter's spaceship, meaning that nobody died. (COMIC: The Highest Stake)

Heather and the Doctor visited the Deep Ocean aquarium in Las Vegas. During their visit, a grown Thalatth broke out of its tank, flooding part of the facility. Heather and the Doctor lured the Thalatth out of the aquarium by playing the sound of whalesong on a portable loudspeaker. In the Nevada desert, the Thalatth grew into a harmless Solarix Prizmatterfly. (COMIC: Hook, Line and Sinker)

Heather is prepared to be dissected in Locale 51. (COMIC: The Unwelcome Visitors)

Heather and the Doctor arrived on a farm on a planet home to green three-armed humanoids who were not aware of life on other planets. Heather and the Doctor frightened a child named Graxel and were captured by the Defence Force. Seen as freaks, Heather and the Doctor were taken to Locale 51 to be dissected. They were saved from this fate by Grodax, who saw that they meant no harm and let them return to the TARDIS. (COMIC: The Unwelcome Visitors)

The Doctor and Heather attended the opening of TRASH INC and became suspicious of Convert-o-Matic, a machine which could purportedly turn trash into food. While investigating later that night, Heather fell into the Convert-o-Matic and was teleported to the homeworld of the Benjix. There, she found an egg whisk and pretended it was a Dalek blaster in order to threaten a Benjix to tell her the true purpose of TRASH INC. After the confession, Heather used the teleport to return to the Convert-o-Matic on Earth. After Heather told him that the Benjix were planning to invade Earth through the Convert-o-Matic, the Doctor used his screwdriver to teleport all of the Benjix technology to the Benjix homeworld. (COMIC: Junk Food)


During a visit to the University of Edinburgh to meet Professor Bailey, Heather walked into a trap prepared for her by the Mozhtratta. The Mozhtratta took control of Heather's friends - Rob and Suze - and had them restrain her in front of a ReCohesion Cannon.

The Mozhtratta watches as Heather is hit by the ReCohesion Cannon. (COMIC: Dead-line)

When Heather began being bombarded by the cannon, temporal echoes of her spread throughout the university. The Doctor saw one of these echoes and used his sonic screwdriver to find where Heather was. The Doctor found the room where Heather was and turned the cannon on the Mozhtratta, destroying it. However, time under the cannon had restructured her molecules to the point that she no longer had natural defences against vortex radiation. A single trip in the TARDIS would tear her apart.

Heather bade an emotional goodbye to the Doctor, noting that at least she was back at home. After she hugged him, the Doctor departed in his TARDIS, leaving her to return to a normal life. (COMIC: Dead-line)

Later life[]

In the years following her travels with the Doctor, Heather pursued a career in archaeology. By night, she was a freelance alien investigator.

The Tenth Doctor's goodbye to Heather and Wolfgang. (COMIC: Lucky Heather)

In 2014, Heather came to the National Science Museum to deal with a meteorite superbrain. To her surprise, Wolfgang Ryter joined her in fighting the superbrain. After seemingly destroying the superbrain's body, Heather and Wolfie caught up over what they'd been doing since leaving the Doctor and reminisced about their time with him. They didn't notice the superbrain's body rebuilding. The Tenth Doctor came to the museum as part of his final reward and obliterated the superbrain, saving Heather and Wolfgang one last time. Heather and Wolfgang tried to thank him, but he left without saying a word. (COMIC: Lucky Heather)


Heather was a kind, caring woman who wanted adventure. (COMIC: The Chromosome Connection) However, she could be ruthless when anyone threatened her close friends or family, refusing to help save a gang of German naval officers in 1944 due to the fact that the Germans had been responsible for the death of her great-grandfather. (COMIC: The Submariners) Lychaos observed that Heather had "the heart of a warrior". (COMIC: Bad Wolfie)

Being a history student, Heather loved travelling into Earth's past relative to the 21st century. (COMIC: The Chromosome Connection) She considered seeing history to be just as exciting as seeing aliens. (COMIC: Snakes Alive!)

Initially, Heather possessed some prejudice towards non-humanoids - such as Flexellan octopods. However, as Heather, herself said, "travel broadens the mind"; her experiences with the Doctor taught her to be more respectful to those of different body structures. (COMIC: The Silver Bullet) However, her encounter with the humanoid-hating Mohagan Horde was something which "stay[ed] with her for a long time". (COMIC: The Invisibles)

Heather developed a strong friendship with Wolfgang Ryter. (COMIC: Lucky Heather) She had sympathy for him even when they first met, convincing the Doctor to take him on as a companion. (COMIC: Flight of the Giurgeax) By the end of her time travelling with Wolfie, Heather was comfortable with hugging him when he was nude. (COMIC: Bad Wolfie)

Heather didn't like the taste of haggis. (COMIC: The Silver Bullet)


Heather was knowledgeable of historical clothing. She was able to guess the exact year that Great-Great-Great Grandmother McCrimmon originated from just from the clothing she was wearing. (COMIC: The Chromosome Connection)

Heather learned to use the Doctor's sonic screwdriver while travelling with him. (COMIC: Cyclops, Foot Soldiers)


Heather after leaving the Doctor. (COMIC: Lucky Heather)

Heather had green eyes. (COMIC: Starstruck)

For most of her travels with the Doctor, Heather had long blonde hair. (COMIC: The Chromosome Connection - A Merry Little Christmas) Near the end of her travels, Heather got her hair cut to a shorter length which didn't go further than her neck. (COMIC: Dead-line, We Will Rock You - Junk Food) Heather still had the shorter hairstyle when she encountered the Doctor and Wolfie in 2014. (COMIC: Lucky Heather)

Behind the scenes[]

Joanne Hall's original artwork of Heather. (DWA 96)

Heather was created by ten-year-old Joanne Hall in a competition sponsored by Doctor Who Adventures to create a new companion to appear in the magazine's comics.

DWA 121 contained a collectable fact file on Heather McCrimmon.

As of 2021, Heather McCrimmon has the distinction of appearing in more individual stories — 58 in total — than any other companions original to Doctor Who comic strips since John (64) and Gillian (63). She is well ahead of fourth placed Frobisher, who has appeared in 31 stories. However, Heather has not remained the companion to appear in the most Doctor Who Adventures comics; becoming a regular in the strip directly after Heather's final story, Amy Pond went on to appear in 126 DWA comics. Later companions original to the DWA comic strip - Decky Flamboon and Jata - appeared in considerably fewer stories than Heather.

In the fan-written short story A Star In Her Eye, released as part of "The Fan Gallery" during the official Doctor Who: Lockdown! event in November 2020, Heather was revealed to have been the same character that appeared in Series 10's The Pilot.