The headmaster, headmistress, headteacher or principal was the person in charge of a school.

H. Parson was the headmaster of Coal Hill School in November 1963. At this time, the Imperial Daleks had a implanted a device behind his ear to control him. When Mike Smith caught and was trying to question Parson, the Daleks used the device to kill him so he would not reveal any information. (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks)

Whittaker was headmaster of Winterborne School for many years until the governors persuaded him to retire, replacing him with Gavin Purcell, whom they had been grooming to take the role. He was arrested and Barbara Taploe was briefly Acting Head before her murder. (HOMEVID: The Devil of Winterborne) Margaret Wyndham applied for the headship and was accepted. (HOMEVID: Ghosts of Winterborne)

Brother Lassar, in the guise of a human called Mr Finch, was the headmaster of Deffry Vale High School in 2007. (TV: School Reunion)

Frank Armitage was the headmaster of Coal Hill School until he was killed by a male Leaf Dragon on 27 October 2016. (TV: Into the Dalek, The Caretaker, Dark Water, For Tonight We Might Die, The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo) He was replaced by Dorothea Ames. (TV: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart)

DI Canyon was the headmaster of the Darkstar Academy in the 28th century. The Eleventh Doctor used his psychic paper to convince Canyon that the Doctor was actually a school inspector. (AUDIO: Darkstar Academy)

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