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He's Behind You was the first short story published in The Wintertime Paradox.


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It has only been a few weeks for Rose Tyler since the Battle of the Game Station. Only a few weeks since the Ninth Doctor regenerated into the Tenth, a man Rose is still getting used to. As the two discuss Rose's experiences, or lack thereof, in her primary school Christmas play, the Doctor decides to take Rose to Masque Magestrix to see The Saga of the Time Lords, an inaccurate retelling of Time Lord history, particularly the claim that the saga is unfinished. Though the silly hats are accurate.

When the Doctor uses his psychic paper to get them in however, the paper indicates Rose as the galaxy's pre-eminent expert on Gallifreyan culture (and lupine mortality). Offered a backstage tour, the two are given teleportation locks. Before the Doctor can finish explaining what they are, Rose is teleported away into a room full of Dalek props where she is greeted by Shara Betomax.

Throughout the Masque Magestrix, a message is conveyed. The correct audience has been detected.

As Rose and Shara have tea, the latter's assistant, Gabadine Tho, has a violent reaction to the term "Time Lord" revealing herself to be an Auton. Without wasting a moment, Rose and Shara flee for their lives, assaulted by the play's deafening opening score, into a green room.

As Rose explains the Autons to Shara, her mind flashes back to the mishap with the psychic paper, realising that they've stumbled into a trap for Time Lords. Using Shara's knowledge of the playhouse's layout, the two try to make their way for the teleportation controls but are barred by Autons at every point before the Doctor teleports in. After being told what's happening, the Doctor realises that the Autons have been undercover for so long that acting out the script is now part of the plastic. It's time to improvise.

Dressed in High Gallifreyan robes, Rose is ushered onto the stage, quickly getting Remiere Dupont's attention whose plastic morphs into a combat configuration. Following the Doctor's notes, Rose speaks of the Time Lords, even adding in some of the Ninth Doctor's earlier disparaging comments about his race's arrogance. And finally, how the Time Lords fell.

As the Autons melt, the Doctor and Rose take their leave, even if the Doctor is pretty sure that Shara is an Auton, Rose assuring the Doctor that as long as he's still around, the saga of the Time Lords is still being written. Taking her hand, the Doctor disagrees. The saga is still being written but by both of them.


In the ruins of the theatre, the Girl with the golden mask and the Boy with the silver mask regard the scene and how chaotic Time Lords can be. Though the Boy believes the Time Lords will be their own end, the Girl believes she can do it faster.





The Saga of the Time Lords[]

  • Remiere Dupont is cast as Rassilon, who is called the "President of Time".
  • Gabadine Tho is cast as "Brother Braxiatel"
  • Shara Betomax is cast as "the Hand of Meg", a variation of Omega and the Hand of Omega. It is considered the most important role in the whole play.
  • The play incorporates various props of Daleks.



  • The Doctor once attached Rose's MP3 player to the TARDIS console to play "Destiny's Child" in space.


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