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The Haxan Craw was the wife of the Sycorax leader the Fadros Pallujikaa. Her title literally meant "the witch bitch". The Haxan Craw's husband wore her rib as a marriage bond.

When the Sycorax wives went looking for their husbands in the Sol system following the failed invasion of the Fadros Pallujikaa's ship in 2006, they found nothing but the dust remains of the ship. They landed their own ship in the Caribbean, disguising it as an island called Shadow Cay, which became populated by humans turned into zombies, known as abstracts, by the Gilfane Craw. The abstracts were used to find the black box recorder the Foraxi Yox so they could discover the truth of what happened to the Sycorax on the first ship.

In 2009, the abstracts salvaged the Foraxi Yox. When it was played back, the Haxan Craw realised that the humans betrayed the Sycorax. The aeroplane containing the Gilfane Craw's phage abstracts that would spread a virus leaving humanity suffering but unable to die were brought aboard a stolen aircraft, but Donna Noble and Norah stowed away on board and flew the plane back to Shadow Cay. The Tenth Doctor, controlling the abstracts on the ground, overloaded the ship's magma-sculptor by making it attempt to copy the whole of Earth, and caused the ship to begin to take off. With the island burning around her, the Haxan Craw raised her axe, ready to kill the Doctor, when Jean saved his life by wrapping a Torkfish around the Haxan Craw's neck and pushing her into the sea. (COMIC: The Widow's Curse)