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Haunted was a December 2015 online short story published on the Doctor Who website as part of the 2015 Adventure Calendar.


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Part one[]

In 2015, the 13-year-old Ross McNamara goes to the basement to find the legendary school ghost. He wants to impress his bully and former best friend Dan Hinchliffe. Years later Ross is still in the basement. He does not know what had happened and why he is still there. He goes through the empty, dark and silent corridors of the school where he meets the Twelfth Doctor.

Part two[]

The Doctor explains, that there are no ghosts and that the ghost might be an alien. Suddenly it gets dark and then a Father Christmas toy is lightening up and starts playing music. It grins at Ross. Then Ross feels cold fingers on the back of his neck.

Part three[]

In the light of the Doctor's new sonic screwdriver Ross sees a ghost of a boy. He manages to get free of him. Ross realises that it's 2115, 100 years after he first got into the basement. Then the Doctor and Ross go to the place where Ross went to in 2015. They find a Helestican space ship, which has time travel technology. Ross has travelled in time and while he was sent forward in time an echo of him was sent to many different time, making Ross's echo the ghost of the school. The Doctor takes Ross home to 2015 where Ross celebrates Christmas with his mother and her boyfriend Terry.





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