Hathor was an Osiran who was the sister of Khonsu and Bastet, as well as the lover (PROSE: The Enigma of Sisterhood) and bride of Horus. (PROSE: The Enigma of Sisterhood)

Although her preferred face was that of a Hippopotamus, (AUDIO: Words from Nine Divinities) on one occasion, she "wore" a golden humanoid face with long, blue hair and glowing red eyes. She also wore a dress the colour of ancient red stars that exaggerated her curves. (PROSE: The Enigma of Sisterhood)

While in the process of merging with Osiris to become Horus, Eliza was instructed to marry Hathor so as to cement her place in the Osirian pantheon. Due to the hippopotamus head, the Eliza part of Horus did not consider her to be physically attractive, although she wryly cheered herself up by supposing that Hathor must have "a great personality". (AUDIO: The Ship of a Billion Years) After the first phrase of the trial of Sutekh, noting that Geb (the acting judge) was hostile, Horus sent "her wife" to Geb to have sex with him, noting that this "usually cheered him up". (AUDIO: Ozymandias)

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