Hass was a resident of the Braxiatel Collection and a friend of Bernice Summerfield. Although originally a Martian, his timeline was rewritten during the activation of the history machine and his species switched to a Yesodi.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Hass worked at Aklaar's Park on Phobos before Braxiatel recruited him to the Braxiatel Collection. (PROSE: Against Gardens)

Hass arrived on the Collection after Irving Braxiatel had persuaded him to replace the beloved Mr Crofton, who had died during the Fifth Axis occupation. (AUDIO: Death and the Daleks, PROSE: ...Be Forgot)

Hass was a famous gardener, an unusual profession for a Martian, although he took his work extremely seriously. At first, he found it difficult to change the gardens in any way due to a mutated Damon's Tender plant which had absorbed the personality of Mr Crofton and kept undoing Hass' work. Eventually, he and Bernice Summerfield found the plant and removed it, allowing Hass to make his mark on the Collection. (PROSE: Against Gardens) Back home, Hass' brother Sset was a rising politician on Mars who was engaged in serious talks with Irving Braxiatel over his possession of several Martian artefacts.

When Bernice's cat Wolsey died, Hass buried him in the gardens and was the only other person to attend the funeral. (PROSE: Inappropriate Laughter)

Yesodi Hass confronts Fifth Axis Bernice Summerfield. (PROSE: Something Changed)

In one possible timeline following the activation of the history machine, Hass' brother sent an army of clades to reclaim these artefacts and then nuclear warheads to destroy any evidence of the dishonour. (PROSE: Siege Mentality) In another, Hass was not even a Martian, but a Yesodi who pursued Bernice through the ruins of the Collection. (PROSE: The Ice Garden)

Following the Collection's return to normality Hass' timeline was rewritten so he was a Yesodi and had always been. Only Braxiatel remembered Hass as previously being a Martian. This new Hass continued his relationship with Bernice. He invited Peter and Bernice to come swimming with him in a pocket dimension where he was able to take off his pressure suit. (PROSE: Collected Works, AUDIO: Summer of Love)

With Ambassador Kothar's arrival on the Collection, Bev Tarrant had considered sending ambassadors to the Mimsphere to retain neutrality in the Draconian-Mim War. On Braxiatel's advice, she sent Hass and Joseph, as the environmental conditions of the Mimsphere would be hazardous to anyone else on the Collection. (AUDIO: The Judas Gift) Braxiatel's reasons for suggesting this change became apparent when Hass brought the war to an early closure by releasing months worth of stored radiation from his pressure suit, instantly destroying everyone on the Mimsphere. Although he felt guilty for this, he consoled himself with the belief he had done the right thing. (AUDIO: Freedom of Information)

When Bernice Summerfield fled the Collection, Hass remained behind, continuing his work under Braxiatel. (AUDIO: The Wake)

He accompanied Braxiatel to Maximediras, where he saw how Braxiatel treated the colonists. He thought that Brax wanted him to do the action that stopped the Draconian-Mim War. After seeing what he was doing to the colonists, he decided to try to kill him but Brax told him about the reasons for his actions. He went to Earth to stop Robyn from chucking Benny through a fissure. (AUDIO: Resurrecting the Past)

He travelled back to Maximediras. He helped Lianna Martin when she was sick and accompanied her to see Braxiatel when the Deindum gave him Joseph. Hass unleashed the radiation from his suit and wiped out all life on Maximediras. He came to love Lianna and hoped that he would meet her again after the timelines readjusted after the Deindum were defeated. (AUDIO: Escaping the Future)

Bernice Summerfield kept fond memories of Hass, wanting to wear a deep sea diving suit to a fancy dress party in homage to him. (AUDIO: The Revenant's Carnival)

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