The Harrowkind were a primate-like race that the Sanctified empire used as shock-troopers.

Biology Edit

The Harrowkind resembled bipedal primates with blonde hair and beards that were tied up at the back of the head and on the chin, and had brown tendon and gristle instead of facial flesh. Harrowkind also had lower mandible tusks, and wore white tops with red shoulder guards, grey trousers and black boots. (COMIC: Rift War!)

Technology Edit

The Harrowkind carried energy weapons and knives. Their energy weapons were not very effective against humans, only able to hurt but not kill them. They wore recall devices, grafted onto their skin that allowed them to travel through time rifts. They also rode energy boards which allowed them to fly and manoeuvre easily. (COMIC: Rift War!)

History Edit

The Harrowkind served as shock troopers for the Sanctified empire.

The Harrowkind were sent by the Sanctified through the Cardiff Space-Time Rift to Cardiff in 2008 when the Sanctified wrongfully believed Torchwood Three's Rift Manipulator to be a threat to the Sanctified empire. The Harrowkind first acted as a diversion attacking the University of Cardiff and a Marks & Spencer Store in Cardiff, attacking people in the process. Most of the Harrowkind were killed by Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Owen Harper and Toshiko Sato. One of the Harrowkind was captured by Jack and placed in the Torchwood SUV. Whilst being taken back to the Hub, it broke free and tried to kill Jack. Gwen drove up to it on a motorbike and shot out the SUV's tyres, causing it to crash and kill the Harrowkind.

Later, two Harrowkind attacked Vox and Toshiko when they were out of sync with time. The two Harrowkind were fought by Vox as Tosh escaped on Myfanwy. As the Hub was returned by Vox, a Harrowkind was crushed beneath it.

When Jack and Gwen chased an Omicron in a shopping centre, hundreds of Harrowkind came through the Rift to Cardiff to find and retrieve the Omnicron. The Omnicron absorbed all the Harrowkind into itself as data files, and the trapped Harrowkind were presumably killed when Vox destroyed the Omnicron.

After Vox absorbed the power of the Rift, a Harrowkind was sent with several of the Sanctified's dinosaur livestock to try and stop Vox. However, Vox easily obliterated the Harrowkind and the dinosaurs. (COMIC: Rift War!)

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