Philip Harris was head of security for Biogard and Scala. (AUDIO: Test of Nerve, Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre) He pretended to be a mourner after Lavinia Smith's funeral. Ralph Hedges contacted him about Sarah Jane Smith. He decided to tell Hedges that there business was done and stole £14000. He was slightly annoyed when Josh Townsend burnt down the Rechauffe building. (AUDIO: Comeback) He tried to convince James Carver. He later gave Townsend a tour of bioguard. He later trapped Ellie Martin and Townsend in a glass box to be used as bait. (AUDIO: Test of Nerve) He killed Brandt to prevent him telling Sarah too much information. (AUDIO: Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre) He was killed while escaping authorities. (AUDIO: Buried Secrets)

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