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Hanne was a blind Norwegian girl who encountered the Solitract in 2018.

Hanne lived in Oslo with her parents, Erik and Trine. After her mother died, she and her father moved to a rural cottage near a fjord and an alpaca farm.

Her father encountered the Solitract plane through a mirror in their house. Having taken the form of her late mother, her father stayed in the plane for four days, leaving Hanne with only some food in the fridge. Erik bordered up the cottage before he left, and set up recordings of monsters around the cottage so that Hanne wouldn't leave the house.

Graham O'Brien and Ryan Sinclair discovered Hanne hiding in her wardrobe. They, along with the Thirteenth Doctor and Yasmin Khan, discussed the disappearance of Erik.

When the Doctor, Graham and Yaz stepped through the mirror, she was left with Ryan, who she disliked due to asking if her father had abandoned her. She slammed the door on Ryan and knocked him unconscious and left through the mirror.

When she reached the Solitract plane, she refused to believe that the Solitract, that had taken the form of Trine, was really her mother and thus was expelled from the plane.

When Erik and Hanne returned to N-Space, they said their goodbyes to Team TARDIS and resolved to move back to Oslo. (TV: It Takes You Away)

Behind the scenes Edit

Hanne is played by Eleanor Wallwork, the first blind actor to appear on Doctor Who.

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