Hannah Bartholemew was a human companion of the Fifth Doctor.

Bartholomew was a huntress and adventuress who encountered the Doctor and Nyssa in Suffolk in October 1911 in the private hunting grounds of the famous explorer Nathaniel Whitlock. (AUDIO: Moonflesh)

Following their adventure in her own time, she stowed away in the TARDIS and assisted the Doctor on an Arrit tomb ship in which the TARDIS had materialised. After that, Bartholomew wanted to join the Doctor on new adventures in time and space, but the Doctor set course to England in 1911. However, he immediately explained that wherever he set course to was usually the last place the TARDIS was likely to land. (AUDIO: Tomb Ship)

On the SORDIDE Delta space station and in the Shadow-Space connected to it, Hannah saved the lives of the Doctor and Nyssa, as well as the fate of billions of humans, but was purged of all emotions in the process, and reduced to a robot-like state. She decided to stay on the station along with its similarly afflicted crew instead of going back home with the Doctor. (AUDIO: Masquerade)

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