Hankarda was a fictional character from the Wraith World novels who came to life.

Hankarda's appearance was so terrible that even Sarah Jane Smith could not look at him for a long time. His eyes were tiny balls of infernal fire, where his nose should have been was a big hole and his skin was made of blood red worms.

In the novels, Hankarda was a monstrous sorcerer and the gate keeper of the Wraith World. He wanted to take down the barrier between the Wraith World and Earth. Furthermore he planned to enslave the human race and wanted to pull the meat from their bones. Hankarda was also the master of the Wraith Warriors. Professor Bailey and his students fought against Hankarda in the novels.

When a story about him was written into a journal with Psionic Paper, Hankarda began to appear in the real world. He started to control the writer Gregory P. Wilkinson and later Rani Chandra who was continuing the book. Hankarda made them write what he wanted.

With Sarah Jane's help, Rani and Gregory became free of the control of Hankarda. They wrote that the Wraith Warriors attacked Hankarda and pushed him back to his own dimension. Then they burned the journal to make sure that Hankarda could never appear again. (AUDIO: Wraith World)

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