Senator, previously Novice, Hame was a member of the Sisters of Plenitude on the planet New Earth.

Biography Edit

New New York Hospital Edit

In 5,000,000,023, Novice Hame was tending to the Face of Boe in Ward 26 of the New New York Hospital when, along with others of her religious order, she was arrested by the New New York Police Department as conspirators in secretly breeding "the Flesh", cloned humans infected with all known diseases to serve as research subjects. (TV: New Earth)

Punishment and redemption Edit

Subsequently, Novice Hame was ordered to look after the Face of Boe as a punishment for the crimes she had committed as one of the Sisters of Plenitude. Hame, unlike her unfortunate sisterhood, promptly reformed herself. During this time, she grew fond of the Face of Boe and actively sought to redeem herself for her actions.

When the airborne Bliss virus killed the New Earth Senate and most of the planet's population, Hame was saved by the Face of Boe, smoke from whose tank shielded and protected her. She aided the Face in sealing off the Undercity of New New York, saving those on the Motorway and in the streets.

The Tenth Doctor returned thirty years after her arrest. The Face of Boe sent Hame to find him. She found him deep in the Motorway whilst he was looking for Martha Jones. They teleported to the New New York Senate so the Face of Boe could deliver his final message. Hame was with them as he died, breaking down in tears as the Face drew his final breath. The Doctor was sure that Hame had actually reformed and told Martha Jones that "they'll have Novice Hame", assuming she would now have a larger role in the governance of New New York and/or the planet. (TV: Gridlock)

Gridlock 593-1-

An older Hame meets the Doctor again. (TV: Gridlock)

Four years after the Face of Boe's death, Hame was still rebuilding the once-ruined city when the Cybermen and Judoon invaded the whole planet and began upgrading the population. Allied with Thomas Kincade Brannigan, Hame summoned the Doctor and Martha back to New New York, and assisted them in defeating the two invading armies. (COMIC: In-Flight Entertainment)

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