The Hadax Ura was a sentient superweapon developed by the Hub Alliance to end the war against the Axis Worlds. It escaped from its laboratory to the planet Unnamed BX-4, where it had become insane after it uninstalled all of its diagnostic software. The planet was the only suitable planet possessing a sufficient intelligence. It had built propulsion chambers by cannibalising its own propulsion engines. The Hadax Ura cybernetically modified the planet's wildlife to create soldiers that would wipe out both sides in the war, and through them, lured Mr Hitch to be converted and augmented into a part of its war machine and to find a means of escape. The Hadax Ura bluffed being easily shut down by the Jungle's organic avatar, but this was part of its plan to get on board Mr Hitch's lander, and duplicate further on the nearest population centre. The Hadax Ura took over the body of Mr Hitch, overwriting his mind, but was ejected from the lander's airlock by the Doctor and burnt up on re-entry, having been taken on board the lander without any propulsion or heat shields, only its controlling intelligence. (COMIC: Spirits of the Jungle)

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