Hacked was a comic story published in Free Comic Book Day 2016.

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The Doctor, Rose and Jack encounter a planet-defacing artist.

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When Ninth Doctor, Rose and Jack arrive at the Eye of Orion, the most tranquil place in the universe, they notice the planet being changed right in front of their eyes, with ziggurats and hanging gardens appearing out of thin air. The Doctor finds the source of the changes using his sonic screwdriver, but his probe is detected and the trio is transmatted to a ship orbiting the planet.

Jack uses the local newsnet to identify their captor as Taggani, a criminal sought in nine systems. The Doctor has heard of him. He is the most famous geohacker in history, whose "art" caused a genocide on Campra. The Doctor also recognises the helmet completely obscuring Taggani's face as an Aesirian world-shaper, which explains his unmatched geohacking record.

Expressing his surprise that not all such world-shapers have been destroyed along with the Aesirians, the Doctor lets slip that he's a Time Lord. Taggani immediately probes into his mind and realises that this is the Doctor, the Time Lord who offered his mind for sale on Fluren's World. Jack threatens Taggani with a gun, which is waved away into non-existence by the world-shaper.

Meanwhile, the Doctor uses the link between their minds to reverse the roles. By reading Taggani's mind, he discovers his real identity and that he stole the world-shaper helmet from the Braxiatel Collection after being fired from there. The Doctor proceeds to write "Taggani is Brian Carrios! Come and get him!" on the surface of the Eye of Orion in gigantic letters, switches off the helmet except for transmat and transports himself and his two companions back to the planet surface.

As they contemplate Jack's face still looming over them from the side of one of the moons, where Taggani drew it earlier, the Shadow Proclamation ships full of Judoon surround Taggani's ship.

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