HGL Toys, known in full as H. Grossman Ltd, is a toy company based in Glasgow which has produced a number of items of Doctor Who merchandise.

They acquired the license from BBC Worldwide to develop Doctor Who branded toys in September 2010. Their first products in this range launched in spring of 2011.

In June 2015, majority shareholder Martin Grossman sold the company to Mark Walls and Daniel McLoughlin.[1]

H. Grossman products Edit

2011 Edit

Grossman Doctor Who products launched in 2011 included Doctor Who Fizzers, the Doctor Who Dart Board, and, in their outdoor range, Doctor Who sleeping bags and chairs, the Dalek Bop Bag (November), as well as an Inflatable TARDIS (December).

2012 Edit

Grossman Doctor Who products launched in 2012 included the TARDIS Tent, Inflatable Daleks, smaller (3ft) Inflatable Daleks (October), Doctor Who Jet Balls, Doctor Who Water Wrigglers, Doctor Who Water Balls, Doctor Who Air Balls, and Doctor Who Yo Yo.

The Doctor Who Fun Pack included a yo yo, jet balls and bop bag.

The Doctor Who Gift Set, released in August, included the Dalek Water Ball, 2 Dalek figures, the TARDIS fizzer, and a Water Wriggler.

2013 Edit

Grossman Doctor Who products launched in 2013 included the Doctor Who Snapper Watch.

2014 Edit

Grossman Doctor Who products launched in 2014 included a new TARDIS Tent.

2015 Edit

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2016 Edit

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