Guleraana Arbid, also known as G, worked as a receptionist at Torchwood One.


Guleraana had a cat and a bondage dungeon. (AUDIO: Uprising)

By 2005, Guleraana was working as a receptionist at Torchwood Tower. She was friends with colleagues Ianto Jones and Kieran Frost and was attracted to technician Gareth Evans. She had no interest in interacting with Moira from Alien Acquisitions.

Guleraana gave access to Rachel Allan on her first day there after she gave the password "Mr Sands" and took her to Pippa in Human Resources. She tested Rachel by changing her opinion on James Blunt and not reacting to her wanting milk in mint tea. She then took her to Yvonne Hartman's office.

She became friends with Rachel and believed that there was romantic tension between her and Ianto. She saw less and less of Rachel after she became Head of Alien Acquisitions. (AUDIO: New Girl)

Guleraana admitted Ianto to Torchwood after the Away Day, but he was loath to talk to her after Pippa's death. She asked Sameer to cover for her whilst she spoke to Ianto. She told him that she was planning on leaving and asked if he could write her a reference. She considered applying as a receptionist at her gym in Docklands. (AUDIO: Uprising)

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