You may be looking for the Guinevere satellites.

Guinevere One was a space probe sent from Great Britain to explore Mars in 2006 in order to look for signs of alien life.

It contained water, wheat seeds, A+ human blood, and recordings of whale song, bird song, music, and spoken greetings in 120 languages.

On Christmas Eve 2006, it was intercepted by a Sycorax spaceship, and therefore never reached its destination. Among other articles, it contained a sample of A+ blood on board which the Sycorax exploited, using blood control. (TV: The Christmas Invasion)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Part of the inspiration for Guinevere One came from the failed real world British probe Beagle 2, which would have landed on Mars in December 2003. However, the probe itself is a virtual copy of the NASA Magellan Mission to Venus.
  • The probe is described as Britain's first mission to Mars. This contradicts the events of TV: The Ambassadors of Death, which referred to a manned British mission to Mars during the UNIT era.
  • BBC Wales Graphics spelled the probe's name in different ways throughout the episode. On some screens, it appears as "Guinivere One," much to the chagrin of Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner in the in-vision commentary to The Christmas Invasion on the series 2 DVD boxset.
  • In Russell T Davies' 2019 show Years and Years, a news headline mentions the "Guinevere Prbve in major alert".
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