Guilt was the fourth and final story in the I, Davros series released by Big Finish Productions.

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"That is our world out there. A chemical soup for a sky above and a scarred, radioactive wasteland below. It is purgatory. But we must make it paradise!"

The Kaled city is now ravaged, and life has become one of fear, protected by a vast transparent dome that covers the city ruins. The Thals undertake a desperate mission to take Davros away from his laboratories, and the Supremo must send a crack squad over enemy lines to retrieve his chief scientist. Led by the morally bankrupt Lieutenant Nyder, Davros is rescued. But he has been changed by the experience, and where once he stood for knowledge, he now espouses the utter extermination of the Thal people. To this end, Davros will stop at nothing to make sure his legacy lives on...

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  • This release included a second CD with a behind the scenes documentary and interviews behind all four audio dramas.
  • Besides Davros himself, his mother Lady Calcula is the only character to appear in all four audio dramas in the I, Davros mini-series.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 3 August 2006.
  • The story was reissued in 2007 as part of The Complete Davros Collection DVD boxset.

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