A guard captain was the head of the citadel guards on Peladon. He was loyal to Hepesh.

He escorted the Third Doctor to his room after the Doctor was arrested.

Hepesh later sent him and the other guards to search for the Doctor after Hepesh let him go. After the Doctor returned, he and the other guards took him to the pit for the trial by combat. During the fight, he stood guard next to the King.

After Ssorg destroyed their ally Arcturus, Hepesh and the captain left went to the secret tunnels and met up with the other guards loyal to Hepesh. There, they prepared to take the citadel and capture the king. After Hepesh knocked out the unreliable Grun, they left to capture the citadel.

After leaving the tunnels, the captain and the guards loyal to Hepesh fought with the guards loyal to the King. The captain, despite Hepesh's order not to harm the king, threatened to kill him. The guards loyal to the king laded down their arms.

When Aggedor turned against Hepesh and killed him, the captain and the other guards loyal to Hepesh surrendered. The king let them go unpunished. (TV: The Curse of Peladon)

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