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Gryffen Manor was the mansion of Professor Alistair Gryffen and home of the K9 Unit. Prior to Gryffen's ownership, it was one of the last operational police stations in London.

Features[edit | edit source]

The Manor contained several alien artefacts also known as fallen angels, given to Gryffen by the Department. (TV: Dream-Eaters) Although Gryffen owned the mansion, Police memoribilia was still present. (TV: The Bounty Hunter)

Rooms[edit | edit source]

The main room was the STM room where Gryffen operated the STM upstairs. Objects and people transported through the STM arrived downstairs. (TV: Regeneration)

There was a spare room which was occupied by K9 and Starkey when he let them stay. (TV: The Korven)

The Chess room was used by K9 and his friends to relax and to judge by its name, play chess. (TV: The Fall of the House of Gryffen)

There was a garage where Darius' cab, Mariah, was kept. (TV: Regeneration)

There was a reception area which was later used as a place to discuss current events by K9 and his friends. (TV: Liberation)

There was also a dining room. (TV: The Fall of the House of Gryffen)

There were sewer tunnels located under the Manor which Darius used as a place to hide during emergencies, stashing large ammounts of supplies there, such as food from the back of a lorry. K9's team faced many encounters here. (TV: The Bounty Hunter, Oroborus)

History[edit | edit source]

When the CCPC were put into use in 2048, all human police officers were required to resign. Some, such as Harry Pike were defiant and refused to hand over their job to cyborgs, only to be thrown out. The Department then sent Alistair Gryffen to the mansion for his work place. Because his agoraphobia kept him from leaving his home and lab facility, the Department delivered items of interest for him to examine. He was also aided in his work by his assistant, Darius Pike. Gryffen's main intention was to use the STM to find his lost family. (TV: The Last Precinct) Gryffen's primary contact with the Department was inspector June Turner.

2050[edit | edit source]

CCPCs chased the dissident known as Stark Reality, also known by his real name, Starkey, and Jorjie Turner, June's daughter, to Gryffen Manor where the two were able to hide. They saw Gryffen use the STM to try to find his family. He was close to doing so, but Starkey interfered; four Jixen warriors came through. They chased the humans through the mansion, eventually cornering Starkey and spraying him with tracking slime. Soon after, K9 Mark I came through and after a short battle, self-destructed. Darius arrived, shocked at what happened. He called the CCPCs, alerting them that Starkey was there, K9 then regenerated into a new form. When he left to complete his orientation protocol, Starkey was arrested. (TV: Regeneration)

A Korven from the year 2618 came through the STM and kidnapped Gryffen. He was later rescued by K9 and his team. Gryffen then offered K9 and Starkey a spare room. (TV: The Korven)

Someday the Sporraxx tried to access K9's memory core. They get to know about the planet Earth which was defended by K9 and his friends from the manor. (COMIC: Short Circuit)

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