You may be looking for "Old" Grubb.

"Young" Grubb ran the newsagents Grubb and Sons in Stockbridge.

On Friday, 8 April 1988, he received the last ever comic issue of Aggrotron! reserved for the young Izzy Sinclair. Before the store opened at 6:30am, he was visited by the Eighth Doctor and adult Izzy from her personal future. Before she could collect the comic book, the shop was attacked by Suits who took the issue and wiped out Grubb's memory. When later the same day young Izzy came to collect her comic book, Grubb told her that the last issue he had had was already gone. (AUDIO: Izzy's Story)

Relationship to Stockbridge Grubb family Edit

The nickname "Young" Grubb, used despite him not being particularly young, indicated that he was related to one or more older Grubbs known in the village. (AUDIO: Izzy's Story) "Old" Grubb, the owner of J. Grubb General Store, was killed by the Iron Legion in 1979. (AUDIO: Doctor Who and the Iron Legion)

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