Grigory Yevgenyevich Bugayev was a Russian soldier who had several encounters with alien life.

Biography Edit

In 1969, Bugayev was a captain. He investigated the mysterious disappearance of a Soviet submarine. He encountered Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart at this time, and the two of them discovered that a sentient rock known as Mutalith was attempting to spread its influence across the planet. Bugayav and Lethbridge-Stewart were able to stop the creature by overloading the reactor in the Soviet submarine.

Back in Russia, Bugayev reported back to General Timarov and told him that Russia was behind other countries in protecting their borders from alien life. Bugayev was promoted to major and placed in command of Russia's new taskforce to deal with such threats. (PROSE: Blood of Atlantis)

Bugayev encountered the Doctor during the 1970s. During this encounter, Bugayev and some of his colleagues were exposed to low-level temporal radiation on a cellular level. The effect of this on Bugayev meant that his life-span was prolonged. (PROSE: Emotional Chemistry)

Bugayev continually refused promotions above that of major, preferring to remain in the field than behind a desk. In 1981, he helped Lethbridge-Stewart to investigate a string of terrorist attacks across the globe. (PROSE: Scary Monsters)

In 2024, Bugayev was working for OGRON, investigating a spate of antique thefts in Moscow. There he encountered the Eighth Doctor. (PROSE: Emotional Chemistry)

Personality Edit

Bugayev was a patriot, willing to do almost anything in the name of his country. He was willing to shoot a terrorist even when they had surrendered, believing they could not be rehabilitated. (PROSE: Scary Monsters)

Behind the scenes Edit

Bugayev was originally created for Equilibrium, a novel author Simon A. Forward first proposed to Virgin Books, and later to BBC Books for the BBC Past Doctor Adventures line. The book centres around Bugayev's meeting with the Third Doctor mentioned in Emotional Chemistry.

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