Griffoth was the home planet of the Graske.


In 2009, Griffoth was one of the 27 stolen planets that were transported to the Medusa Cascade by the Daleks. (TV: SJAF 1) It was soon returned to its original position by the DoctorDonna. (TV: Journey's End)

Behind the scenes[]

Attack of the Graske[]

  • As seen from orbit, Griffoth was a purple planet with grey scars which led to the underground. It was inhabited by dangerous predators, as well as the Graske. The Graske lived in caverns, hollowing out tunnels which were connected by airlocks with puzzles. These tunnels led to the stasis chambers of the Graske, where they stored the original copies of their changelings. (NOTVALID: Attack of the Graske)
  • Griffoth was the first planet apart from Earth seen in the BBC Wales production of Doctor Who.