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Lord Griffen was an early Gallifreyan leader. During the time of Rassilon and Omega, Griffen was known as one of the Elders of Gallifrey. Lady Jolodex and he were on the Gallifreyan flagship Aeon when Rassilon and Omega detonated the star Qqaba, enabling the Gallifreyans to become Lords of Time. (COMIC: Star Death)

Twenty years later, Griffen was married to Lady Jolodex. They sent their daughter Rema-Du and Wardog of the Special Executive to retrieve the assassin Fenris from the Time Vortex. After his retrieval, Griffen convened an assembly of the Prydonian Chapter to learn who had sent Fenris. Another member of the Special Executive, Viridian, searched Fenris' mind to learn he had been sent by the Order of the Black Sun. Members of the Order itself attacked the meeting. Griffen was the first to understand Gallifrey faced a time war. (COMIC: 4-D War)

Ten years after the first Black Sun attack, Griffen communicated with his daughter when she attended a diplomatic conference on the planet Desrault. (COMIC: Black Sun Rising)

Behind the scenes Edit

Although in Star Death, Griffen exclaims "We can become lords of time!" after the detonation of Qqaba, he is never referred to as a Time Lord in any of his three appearances. It is not clear whether the Gallifreyans adopt the title "Time Lord" during his life or later. Griffen ages visibly over the three stories' thirty year span.

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