Greyjan the Sane served as Lord President of Gallifrey for the shortest term in Time Lord history.

He had never expected to become President, attaining the rank only by chance after the two other candidates withdrew unexpectedly. He was absorbed in his researches, which examined the origins of life and convinced him that there was a law like chaos theory governing paradox. He claimed to have seen these patterns of time, describing it as "the true nature of chaos ... its raw rigidity and the beauty of its patterns."

These patterns allowed him to predict the War in Heaven, and he invented the plan for the Nine Gallifreys. He was publicly perceived as a prophet of doom. His three-year Presidency coincided with England's changeover from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar, which Faction Paradox had purchased to create the Eleven-Day Empire; this left Greyjan especially vulnerable to the Faction's machinations.

Observing the common physical and chemical characteristics of all life, he theorized that a single cell was the ancestor of all living things. However, before that ancestor cell, there were other organisms with exotic and alien biochemical systems; feeding off TARDIS pollution and the energies of temporal paradox, these cells would be able to grow into life that was impossible for the Great Houses to fathom and utterly inimical to their existence. This theory on the enemy drove him to suicide after only three years in office; his sciences were declared outlawed and arcane.

His biodata was rebirthed from the Matrix through a remembrance tank by Tarra and Kellen, who revered him as the Sage of Paradox, and he reclaimed the Presidency from the War Queen during her reaffirmation ceremony.

He was described as having a jowly face and a lazy eye. (PROSE: The Ancestor Cell)

His plan for the Nine Gallifreys would be enacted four-hundred years after his suicide. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

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