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Grey was a colour.

Earth in the 30th century had grey land and grey seas, with grey cities linked by grey highways across grey deserts. (TV: The Mutants)

The Inter Minorians, (TV: Carnival of Monsters) the Grey Man's race (PROSE: Falls the Shadow) and the Sittuun (PROSE: Night of the Humans) had grey skin.

When the Third Doctor encountered a new Dalek command structure, Dalek drones were identified by their grey casings. (TV: Day of the Daleks, Frontier in Space, Planet of the Daleks, Destiny of the Daleks)

The Renegade Daleks had grey and black casings. (TV: Resurrection of the Daleks, Revelation of the Daleks, Remembrance of the Daleks)

The Book of Lies said that a great greyness was going to fall over the universe. It also called Rassilon the "Great Grey Eminence". Griffin's eyes were grey. (PROSE: Unnatural History)

Kenossium's eleventh incarnation had grey eyes. (PROSE: Lords and Masters)

According to one account, the Seventh Doctor had grey eyes. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Exodus)

The Kaled heart was grey. (AUDIO: Corruption)

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