Gregory P. Wilkinson was the author of the Wraith World novels and was living in Highgate.

He started to write the Wraith Word novels in the 1970s. He used a journal with Psionic Paper for writing his novels, which made some of his characters come to life. His figure Hank Carter started to control Gregory and made him write what he wanted. In 2009 Carter forced Gregory to give the journal to Rani Chandra. With Rani's imagination Hank Carter became even stronger. When Gregory saw what he has done, he tried to help Sarah Jane Smith to defeat Hank Carter. Together with Rani Chandra he wrote that the Wraith Warriors attacked Hank Carter and pushed him back to his own dimension. Then they burned the journal to make sure that Hank Carter could never appear on Earth again.

A month later Rani and Sarah Jane received an e-mail from Gregory. Gregory had moved to a place with loads of sea air. He was writing a new book on a laptop. He didn't trust old journals any more. (AUDIO: Wraith World)

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