Greggs was a bakery shop.

In 1981, Mam bought rolls from a branch of Greggs. (PROSE: Fanboys)

Darlington had a branch of Greggs. When most of the Darlington branch of MIAOW left Earth to stop Anthony Marvelle from reaching the Obverse, Magda activated two sleeper agents who worked for Greggs to assist her with the duties of MIAOW. (PROSE: Enter Wildthyme)

Magda often bought pasties from Greggs when she went to work. (PROSE: Wildthyme Beyond!)

Greggs still existed by the 42nd century, and the business had a mega-bakery on Trull. (AUDIO: The Iris Wildthyme Appreciation Society)

Gwen Cooper arrived late to the Torchwood Hub with a "Greggs pastry thing". (PROSE: Almost Perfect)

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