You may be looking for the Greg Sutton of another universe.

Greg Sutton was an Australian (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy) oil drilling expert, brought to the Inferno Project by Sir Keith Gold to offer expert advice on the work Professor Eric Stahlman was conducting there. (TV: Inferno)

Following the shut-down of the Inferno Project, he and Petra Williams became lovers and were planning to leave Great Britain in February 1970. He was interviewed by James Stevens of the Daily Chronicle (having claimed to Petra beforehand, "We don't pay much attention to Pommie D-notices where I come from"), who dismissed his outlandish claims that a green slime from the centre of the Earth transformed scientists into wolf monsters, describing it as sounding like the plot of a "science fiction potboiler". (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)

By 1973, Greg had become friends with the First Doctor's former companion Ian Chesterton. (PROSE: Byzantium!)

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