Greg Nicotero was, in concert with Howard Berger, in charge of special make-up effects for Torchwood: Miracle Day. He is a three-time Emmy Award winner, twice for his work on The Pacific and once for Frank Herbert's Dune. Berger, Robert Kurtzman and he formed KNB Efx Group in 1988.

KNB's best-noticed work was likely on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. That work was awarded both a BAFTA and an Oscar. However, due to a quirk in the rules for the American Academy's "Best Make-up" category, only two individuals can be nominated for a single work. Consequently, Berger won both awards, while Nicotero only won a BAFTA.

Nicotero's resumé is extensive, as he's been solidly working on multiple projects each year since the 1980s. However, some points of commonality with others who've worked in the DWU — aside from Berger — include: Sin City and Spy Kids, both scored by John Debney; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, featuring Jim Broadbent; The Walking Dead on which he was a consulting producer alongside associate producer Skip Schoolnik, production designer Gregory Melton and editor Hunter M. Via; The Mist featuring Toby Jones and production designed by Melton; and Casino Royale featuring Joseph Millson.

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