Greg James is a British radio DJ on BBC Radio 1. He was an extra in the Doctor Who television story Closing Time. He could be glimpsed in a scene in Sanderson & Grainger, behind Craig Owens. Greg James said his character's name was Carlos.

He also wrote and starred in the BBC webcast, Mind My Minions.

He also presented Children in Need 2016 in the beginning thus introducing the Doctor Who preview and the special Looking for Pudsey.

Mr James co-presented Britain Unzipped on BBC Three with Russell Kane. In the first episode, originally aired on 24 April 2012, celebrity guest Holly Willoughby picked out an image of who she thought was "Doctor Who". When it was pointed out that the image was actually of Greg, Holly said that he strongly resembled David Tennant, to which the majority of the audience agreed. Greg took it as a compliment.

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