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Greenaway was the fifteenth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Steel Skies. It was written by Peter Anghelides. It featured the Second Doctor, Fifth Doctor, Eighth Doctor, and a future Doctor.


The Second Doctor goes to visit his old friend Greenaway, a man whose poor memory and frailty prevent him from leaving the safety of his room and seeing his daughter Martika. The Fifth Doctor visits Greenaway on several other occasions, each time with a different face and each time his friend has deteriorated further. The Eighth Doctor reminds Greenaway of the time they once saved Greenaway's village from an invading sea monster; it cost Greenaway his legs. The next time the Doctor returns, he tells Greenaway that his mind no longer wants to keep him alive and that his life support machine is unable to maintain him any longer. In an act of mercy the Doctor turns off the machine and leaves in his TARDIS, but Greenaway survives and wonders if the Doctor will ever return to discover it.




  • The stories in Short Trips: Steel Skies are divided into four sections dealing with different types of confinement. This story deals with isolation, that is, "the loneliness and despair of being cut off from the world outside".
  • This story marks an appearance of a future incarnation of the Doctor who appears in many stories throughout many Short Trips anthologies. All stories featuring this Doctor were written by Peter Anghelides.


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