Green Hand was a Mark II CCPC controlled by the Last Precinct in 2050.

Biography Edit

Like all CCPCs, Green Hand was originally in the service of the Department, but was kidnapped by the Last Precinct and reprogrammed to be under their control.

With Sergeant Harry Pike, forensics expert Halloran and another CCPC, Green Hand invaded Gryffen Manor and held the occupants hostage. They intended to reveal the CCPCs for what they really were after the Department had upgraded the new CCPCs: non-terrestrial, out-of-era technology. Pike demonstrated to K9 Mark 2 and his friends what the Department had done to the CCPCs. He inserted a green chip created by Halloran into the stalk. He planned to show the world CCPCs were unreliable alien machines, prone to malfunction at any moment. K9 alerted them to some weird readings. Halloran ignored K9. Green Hand was ordered to infect the other CCPC with the same virus, leaving the Department no choice but to reinstate humans into the police force.

K9 and the others escaped to a barricaded room. As Halloran and Green Hand moved through the tunnels, the CCPC suddenly became unresponsive. Green Hand strangled him, chanting its new objective to crush all resistance and subjugate all humans. A fresh squad of four, sent to retake the mansion, were met by Green Hand, who infected them. The squad attacked the Department Mobile HQ.

The team made their way to the STM room where they were met by Green Hand whom K9 shot before escaping. K9 informed Pike that the unstable virus had spontaneously mutated. K9 found a solution to immunise the CCPCs, a cybernetic organism that could generate enough energy for the immunisation. As the Green Hand came up the stairs, K9 fired the immunisation at them, shutting him and the other CCPC down. K9 moved out of the house and immunised the other CCPCs. K9 advised that the anti-virus patch was relayed as a coded energy pulse through CCPC com-central. Sergeant Pike was arrested by the Department and Green Hand was presumably returned to the Department's control. (TV: The Last Precinct)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Green Hand was never referred to by the name; the name was given in the credits.
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