The Moment in the form of a box covered in circular writing. (TV: The Day of the Doctor)

The "Greater Key" was a code name given by Huxley to a Great Houses superweapon. Her sources disagreed on what it looked like, with most saying it was a box with circular writing but one person certain it was a metal rod.

In the War in Heaven, the "Greater Key" was kept at a Great Houses base on RMS in the Amazolian system. The Enemy attacked the base to try to obtain the superweapon, resulting in a conflict that ended after a conceptual predator got out of control and caused both sides to forget about the base and the "Greater Key". During the Armistice, Huxley sent Wade, Nezf, Tabrenilsodvoravitas, and a Shift to RMS to steal the "Greater Key" during the apparent negotiations. Wade found the "Greater Key", at the time taking the form of a metal rod. It showed her the entirety of time and space and her place in it, and was then used by Wade to destroy RMS.

Huxley speculated that after the end of the War in Heaven the "Greater Key" would be taken back along with all the other Great Houses weapons to "some impregnable arsenal". (PROSE: A Farewell to Arms)

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