The Greater German Reich was a coalition of Germanias, Known Worlds where the Nazis won World War II. It waged a war against the Empire of Empires during the War in Heaven.

Separated from the Empire by the Great Divide, it was ruled from Germania I by the Council of Hitlers. This body contained all the Adolf Hitlers from all the worlds in the Reich. Transport between the worlds was provided by Herr Abschrift, an agent of House Mirraflex.

After the conflict ended with the Reich's loss, the Homeworld was concerned that the expanded Empire might fall into the hands of their enemy, so they intended o destroy all of the Known Worlds. Before they could, Marcus Americanius Scriptor used technology from Abschrift to seal the Tramontane Gate and block their access to the Empire worlds. Scriptor then negotiated with the Homeworld to place a barrier around the Reich worlds, on the condition that he policed those worlds to stop people travelling between them. (PROSE: Warlords of Utopia)

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