Graystark Hall was a children's home that closed in 1967. However, its director, Doctor Renfrew, had been influenced by Silents and believed it to be open in 1969. He also believed the year was still 1967 or earlier. He continued to work there despite trying unsuccessfully to remind himself to leave and escape the Silents, scrawling words upon himself and the walls.

Amy Pond and Canton Everett Delaware III visited the home in an attempt to find a missing girl. Amy found the girl's room in the home before she was taken by the Silents. (TV: Day of the Moon)

In a 1969 Brooklyn Fayre article, Amy stated that she and Rory financially helped an orphanage that was "in a terrible state." She refused to state the name of the orphanage, but went on to describe her next book about a little girl lost on the streets of 1969 New York. (PROSE: Summer Falls and Other Stories)

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