Grayling Frimlish was the last of the Storytellers. He was known to the people of Vadhoc as the Storyteller. He walked across the Earth telling stories. By the end of his life, he claimed to have seen "everywhere there [was] to see".

The Fifth Doctor believed Frimlish to have been the oldest living individual on Earth in the Middle Ages.

History Edit

Frimlish first visited Vadhoc during the time of Diamon's grandmother. His visit was passed down in the legends and stories of the village.

During the time of Diamon, Frimlish was fated to return to Vadhoc. On his way to Vadhoc, Frimlish encountered and befriended the Fifth Doctor and Vislor Turlough after they fell off a cliff. This friendship proved to be useful very quickly, as Diamon refused to let Frimlish enter Vadhoc without them.

The population of Vadhoc mistakenly believed the Doctor to be the Storyteller. When Frimlish took Turlough to the Severed Paw, they were taken hostage by Alitha, Shiri, and Zounds, who wanted to force the Doctor to tell stories about them. While he was quite amused that nobody realised who he was, Frimlish decided to unveil his Storyteller's robes and reveal who he was.

In Talespinner Square, Frimlish told his final story: the story of Alitha, Shiri, and Zounds and how they "were terribly nice and brave". (AUDIO: The Last Fairy Tale)

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