Graxnix were a warlike, humanoid race which invaded Earth in 4039.

Graxnix had previously been allowed to fight in the Last Great Time War. While the Tenth Doctor was confronting their leader, Boznitz, in the ruins of London, he saw a man from the 21st century and escaped to pursue him. The Graxnix followed him through a Chronal Interface to the Hotel Historia, where they resumed their rampage. However, the Doctor convinced Majenta Pryce to use the Chronexus 3000 to transport them back to the 41st century, where they found themselves permanently trapped outside the timestream. (COMIC: Hotel Historia)

In 200100, a Graxnix was married to Lord Dreyvole on the holovid series Jupiter Rising. This was the subject of a trivia question on an episode of The Weakest Link. (TV: Bad Wolf)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia, which notes the Graxnix's mention in Bad Wolf, incorrectly refers to it as the "Grexnix".

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