Braun adds another marker to a graveyard on Zeta Minor. (TV: Planet of Evil)

A graveyard, also known as a cemetery, was a place where corpses were buried.

In Cornwall, in the 17th century, the First Doctor, Ben Jackson and Polly Wright searched for clues about a treasure in a church graveyard; they found them on the gravestones, which led them to the church crypt. (TV: The Smugglers)

In the 1820s, William Burke and Billy Hare robbed graveyards for Dr. Robert Knox. (AUDIO: Medicinal Purposes)

In 1851, Reverend Aubrey Fairchild was buried in a London graveyard, where the Cybermen killed everyone in attendance. (TV: The Next Doctor)

On 25 December 1892, Clara Oswin Oswald was buried in a London graveyard. In the 21st century, Clara Oswald took a shortcut through the graveyard. (TV: The Snowmen)

As a child, Liz Shaw was afraid of graveyards. As a child, she would visit her grandmother's grave, near to which was a fallen door that she imagined covered a grave that she might fall into or see the horrors of should it fall in. (HOMEVID: The Devil of Winterborne)

In 1963, the Hand of Omega was buried in a Shoreditch graveyard as a trap for the Daleks. Later, Mike Smith was buried in the same graveyard. (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks)

In 1997, when Mordred, a knight from an alternate Earth, fought on the sacred soil of a church graveyard, construed as "a shrine to those fallen in battle", Morgaine banished him for dishonouring the dead. (TV: Battlefield)

In 2005, Ellie Oswald was buried in a graveyard in Blackpool. (TV: The Rings of Akhaten)

In 2007, Sally Sparrow visited the graveyard where Kathy Nightingale and Ben Wainwright were buried. (TV: Blink)

In the early 21st century, Julia Hardwick visited a graveyard where a Weeping Angel transported her back in time to 1887. (WC: A Ghost Story for Christmas)

In 2012, the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond landed in a New York City graveyard when they tried to go to 1938 to retrieve Rory Williams, who had been transported there. When Amy and Rory were permanently transported to the past by a Weeping Angel, they were buried in the same graveyard when they died. (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan)

Around the 2010s, the dead rose from their graves as Cybermen. Danny Pink, retaining control himself as a Cyberman brought Clara Oswald to a cemetery where the dead were still rising as Cybermen. There, he sacrificed himself to save the world by flying the Cybermen into the rain clouds and self-destructing, burning up the clouds. As the Doctor prepared to kill Missy, the Brigadier, now a Cyberman himself, appeared to kill her and spared the Doctor from having to commit murder. He also dropped off his daughter who he had saved from death. (TV: Death in Heaven) Missy had in fact survived, having used the energy from the blast to power her vortex manipulator to teleport away. (TV: The Witch's Familiar)

In 2020, the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams visited the graveyard in Cwmtaff, where the Doctor found patches of blue grass and Rory learned that graves were being robbed. (TV: The Hungry Earth)

In the 26th century, the planet Heaven was designated as a graveyard world by humans and Draconians. (PROSE: Love and War)

In the 372nd century, the casualties suffered by Professor Sorenson's expedition to Zeta Minor led to the creation of a graveyard there, adjacent to the team's base. (TV: Planet of Evil)

On the Monarch's ship, the Fifth Doctor was shown a graveyard for all the people abducted from Earth in different epochs. (TV: Four to Doomsday)

Mordane was a graveyard world until the dead started coming back to life, after which it was placed under quarantine. (PROSE: The Graves of Mordane)

During the Last Great Time War, the War Doctor and Cinder visited a graveyard under the Citadel, where dead and dying TARDISes were hosted. The Doctor's TARDIS was taken there in order to be destroyed. (PROSE: Engines of War)

In an alternate future, the planet Trenzalore hosted a battlefield graveyard, which included the Doctor's tombstone. (TV: The Name of the Doctor)

The Dalek word for graveyard was the same as their word for sewer. Over time Dalek mutants would break down and liquefy. The sewers of the Dalek City on Skaro contained decaying Daleks, and when given regeneration energy these decaying Daleks rose up and destroyed the city. (TV: The Witch's Familiar)

Other references[edit | edit source]

Barbara Wright compared the silence of Vortis to that of a cemetery. (TV: The Web Planet) On Xeros, Ian Chesterton was the one who made the comparison. (TV: The Space Museum)

Graveyard was among the words ending in "yard" which the Sixth Doctor insultingly applied to his prosecutor, who held the title of Valeyard, during his trial aboard Space Station Zenobia. (TV: The Mysterious Planet)

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