Graphic artists, distinct from graphic designers, provide two-dimensional graphical elements as seen on computer screens, set walls, posters and the like. The position has not often been credited on Doctor Who. This is largely because most graphics on at least Doctor Who have been handled by BBC Wales Graphics, or they've been the province of the more senior concept artists or associate designers. Nevertheless, a few people have been specifically credited as graphic artists or designers.

BBC Wales[edit | edit source]

In the production of BBC Wales Doctor Who, graphic design has typically been split between a group credited with "graphics" and an individual credited as the "graphic artist". More recently, a graphic designer is credited as well.

Original series[edit | edit source]

In the original series, graphic design was almost never credited because graphic design was not usually seen as a separate task from that of the "Designer" — a position today that hovers somewhere between a set designer and a production designer. However, at least one individual was so credited. Sid Sutton was the "graphic designer" on The Leisure Hive, mostly for his work in redesigning the Doctor Who logo and title sequence. Unlike BBC Wales graphic artists, however, Sutton wouldn't have been considered a "junior" designer. Rather, he would have been seen as a specially-contracted artist answering directly to the producer.

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