Some green grapes, among various other items of food. (TV: Day of the Daleks)

Grapes were a type of fruit grown on grapevines.

Many of the Doctor's companions ate grapes during their travels. Barbara Wright ate some in the city of Morphoton on the planet Marinus. (TV: "The Velvet Web") Ian Chesterton ate some grapes in a villa located near Rome. (TV: The Romans) Jo Grant ate some grapes while a guest of the Controller in the 22nd century. (TV: Day of the Daleks) Bernice Summerfield ate grapes while in Cairo. (PROSE: Set Piece) Grapes were served at King Gilgamesh's court in Uruk. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Genesys)

A bowl containing grapes was present at Sutcliffe Manor during the 1814 frost fair. (TV: Thin Ice)

Jack Harkness gave Owen Harper some grapes while he was recovering in a hospital, but Owen told him that he didn't like grapes. (TV: Combat)

When Jorjie Turner was mind-controlled by the Anubians into becoming their servant, she offered her mother and Nehetka a grape. (TV: Curse of Anubis)

The Second Doctor brought grapes to Jamie McCrimmon, who was in hospital. However, because Jamie was in a coma, the Doctor gave the grapes to Eleanor Woods instead. (PROSE: Visiting Hours)

The Gardeners of Tellus IV grew rainbow-coloured grapes that sparkled in the sunshine. (PROSE: The Secret in Vault 13)

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